VNC Viewer session ends without any error message

Hi, I am trying to run a continuous camera streaming from a raspberry zero board (VNC server) to be screened at a a raspberry pi4 board (VNC viewer) connected to a TV with full screen mode (starched window with full screen options) . I have a network router which is not connected to any outside internet, but only functions for the internal wireless for these two boards. 

Everything seems to work fine until I noticed the fullscreen viewer program ends unexpectedly(or crashed without any error message visible) after a certain time later. When this happens, the program no longer shows the camera view in full screen and I can only see the viewer program with connection icon displayed as if the connection session ended. I did not notice any warning or error popping up when this happens since I could not keep my eye on the screen. I am not exactly sure about the timing since I could not catch the moment when this event happened. Anyway it runs no problem at least 30-1 hour. It seems that this happens after 1-2 hours of running VNC viewer program.  I searched if there is any timeout setting, but it seems not. 

Is there anyone help me with this problem? 

I am having an art exhibition and a TV shows the camera image coming from  a robot (one with raspberry zero board).  It is quite embarrassing to see the screen go back to desktop view after the VNC viewer program is turned off without any known cause.  




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  • VNC Server will disconnect idle connections after an hour. You can turn this off in Options, Privacy

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