Home version - server has multiple monitors, viewer acts like one super-wide monitor

This is the home version, and essentially, I don't want multi-screen support, but it seems to have a weird version of it that I can't disable.

When single-monitor viewer connects, theserver with two monitors, the display acts like one super wide monitor on the viewer, combining both server monitors. The view will auto-scroll the entire desktop left or right if the mouse goes "off screen" in that direction.

The client monitor has the same resolution as either monitor on the server.

RDP doesn't do this -  using the same two boxes as server and client, it acts like Windows does, and I see just one screen in the RDP client (the main screen). 

That's exactly what I want - I want to see only the main screen. If VNC can give me a way to switch which server screern to view, great, but having it just treat it as one big screen is a non-starter.

This is all latest downloads as of 3/14/2021.





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