VNC - Mac (Sonoma) Cut/Paste Reliability

I'm connecting from a Mac (fully updated Sonoma) to a Mac with fully updated Sonoma.  My issue is that when I try and cut/copy and paste (on the remote machine only--not between local/remote), the cut/copy function doesn't seem to work the first time.  For example, if I have a folder on the remote computer that I want to cut and move to another location, I have to cut it twice before I can then paste it to the new location.  Same thing for copy.

If I work on the remote computer locally (at the keyboard), cut&copy/paste works as it should.  It's only through RealVNC that I have this issue.

Any ideas?



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  • Not sure if this will help but have you tried enabling SendInitialClipboard in VNC Viewer's Expert settings?

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