'Sleep mode' issue on macOS Sonoma

I'm on my  MacBook Air 2020 running Sonoma 14.5. For RealVNC I use Lite mode.

I installed RealVNC server and it works perfectly fine when the lid is open.

With closed lid ... it either not responsive or simply failed to connect to server with error that server is not listening to cloud connections.

I checked all power setting recommended for 'closed lid' and recommended by RealVNC but still only open lid allow me to use it properly .

Eventually ... the last thing that worked for me was to run this command:

sudo pmset -a disablesleep 1

It put laptop in 'sleep' and I don't have the issue with connection.

Note: another MacBook that I re-installed Monterey and configured RealVNC same way works fine ... because I attached external Monitor to it.

My assumption is that on Sonoma I have some kind of 'sleep' driver issue or something else.

Hence, assuming that most of the time I use Sonoma MacBook with closed lid i.e. either remotely or don't use at all very rare... is it acceptable solution to prevent sleep as I described above? Maybe you have some other suggestions?

Appreciate your help ..



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