Changing an existing account from Home to Lite (without creating a new Lite account)

I have a Home subscription with 5 cloud devices and two Direct devices (Raspberry Pi which allow direct by-IP connections).

Since RealVNC in their "wisdom" (not!) are withdrawing the Home licence, I will need to create a Lite account and move some of the cloud devices to it.

I have two questions:

1. Is it possible to convert an existing account from Home to Lite, or is the only way forward to create a new Lite account, which means creating a new Gmail account to use as the login ID email address? Having to create a brand new account of type Lite, rather than being able to  convert an existing account, would seem very user-unfriendly.

2. Does Lite work in the same way as Home, except with a smaller number of devices? Does the number of devices still only count cloud-access devices, with direct-by-IP devices (the RasPi) being in addition to the 3 device limit?



  • I, too, have a Home account. I have removed devices from it so it now has 3 devices. I also 'purchased' a free Lite account within my same user login, so now I have two teams on my account: a Home team with 3 devices and a Lite account with zero devices. I don't have physical access to all 3 of these devices to be able to migrate them from one team to another. And - I'm unable to even ask RealVNC support if the Home team will be transitioned into the empty Lite team at their deadline date. Their explanatory account says "You don't need to do anything if you choose to purchase a subscription, we'll automatically convert your Home subscription to the paid subscription." I don't think this applies to Lite accounts.

    The service here is quite poor, but then again, you get what you pay for. 🤷‍♀️

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  • It made a new Lite "team" for me but I followed this, easy enough

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  • I switched three of my devices to the "home" team, easy prasy (lost two of them in the process, but oh, well, #inflation, I guess.) Its a bit counter -intuitive since you have to log in toncloud services again on the machines running vncserver. Most people would expect to be able to do that on the cloud console which is where everything else gets managed, but (I said) oh well #legacyapps. Then I tried to make a direct connection with an open source vnc client (tigervnc) and realized that the newly neutered realvncserver will refuse to connect to any client via direct connection, as apparently it will only honor "cloud connections"

    A few minutes before re-licensing, direct connections worked fine. #reducedFeatureSet I guess.

    It makes sense: nothing is ever really free, we are paying our "Lite" team with our usage patterns and data, google style.

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