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Understanding that on 06/17/24 RealVNC Connect Home is being discontinued, I recently joined RealVNC Connect Lite.

Will the current RealVNC Server that I am using recognize this or is there another Server and Viewer that I must download?  Any other steps I need to take?





  • I just went through this and you have to take several steps to make the necessary changes to continue using without charge. Below is a brief summary, hopefully you can use existing help articles to manage the details. I am assuming that all your current devices are assigned to a Home Team.

    1. Log onto your VNC account and create a new Lite Team. It will initially be empty.

    2. Log on to a remote device you want to add to the Lite Team using Viewer or directly if you have access

    3. Launch VNC Server on the device you want to add

    4. Using the Server menu options, select Licensing and follow prompts

    5. You will have the option of assigning the device to the new Lite Team

    6. In most cases, the device will be removed from the Home team automatically, but this did not work for the final device for me. Not sure why  or if it is important. Either way, the device should now show up in Viewer and your online account as part of the Lite Team and being available for log in. You will be asked to provide the device login credentials when you login from this new team.

    If you can, do this process first using a device you can directly access, so you avoid losing access if you make a mistake. Good Luck!



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  • Thank you brisguy foo for the input.

    It worked perfectly.

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