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We use 2FA with a PAM plugin for authentication to our RealVNC server. This means that I type in the password, SOMETIMES get a message that my password is expiring soon, get prompted for 2FA, and then get a success message. Each of those has an "OK" button I need to click. Unfortunately, the window either loses focus or otherwise stops listening for me to hit enter, and I either need to use the mouse to click the button or alt-tab out and back into RealVNC Viewer to hit enter. This make login a lot more onerous than it needs to be. Is this something I can fix on my end, or is it a bug?

This is RealVNC Viewer 7.7.0 (r51227) x64, on Windows 11.



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  • It'd be worth trying version 7.11.0 to see if you still see the issue. If you do, is it a RealVNC Server you're connecting to and do you have a paid subscription? If so, I'd recommend reaching out to RealVNC's support team.

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