Realvnc Connect Server can not elevate access to allow options changes...

Hey Guys/Gals...

Struggling here.  I am using Lubuntu 24.04 which uses the LXQt desktop.  With a little bit of fiddling around I got Realvnc server installed, but there is something broke in its ability to use either sudo or su when it is trying to elevate access to go into the "options" menu.  Nothing ever pops up to ask for a password and I just get:

"Unable to configure options for RealVNC Server.

This requires superuser access when running in service mode as the
changes will affect all users of this system. Either you do not have a
suitable method configured to gain superuser privileges (e.g. sudo),
you are not authorised to do this, or you supplied invalid credentials."

I am assuming this is because something is diffrent between my LXQt desktop software and what Gnome would use to do a graphical sudo password prompt???

Anyone using Lubuntu here and knows what is going on?



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  • This can happen when RealVNC Server can't find a suitable terminal application to prompt for root/sudo credentials. Can you try installing xterm:

    sudo apt install xterm

    and then try again?

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