Error installing VNCServer on macOS Monterey


I have a MacBook Air which was perfectly running VNCServer but with last update to version 12.7.3 I am no longer able to install it (VNCConnect 7.9.0), receiving an error message:

installer: Package name is VNC® Server

installer: Installing at base path /

installer: The install failed. (El Instalador ha detectado un error que ha impedido completar la instalación. Ponte en contacto con el fabricante del software para solicitar ayuda. Se ha producido un error al ejecutar scripts desde el paquete “VNC-Server-Latest-MacOSX-universal.pkg”.) Translation: it has been an error executing scripts from package “VNC-Server-Latest-MacOSX-universal.pkg”.

I updated all system permissions such as accessibility and screen sharing but it's impossible to install.


Any help would be appreciated.





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