I can't get RealVnc Server to work on Armbian.

I need help getting RealVnc Server running on a computer running Armbian. I installed the RealVnc Server arm64 installation file without errors but even after restarting the computer the Server icon does not appear. If I manually run the x11 server file, Connect opens but there is a license error and if I open the license file I can enter my credentials and access is created in the RealVnc viewer panel on the network, but still, in Connect it still gives the same license failure and if I try to access the Viewer through Windows on another device, it tells me that the computer I am trying to access is not in the cloud. It is not working well at all because the server does not even start at system startup. Can you help me? Thank you.



  • Assuming Armbian is like Raspberry Pi OS, you'll need to follow the usual steps to enable the Server on boot:

    sudo systemctl enable vncserver-x11-serviced --now

    To sign in, with graphical access to Armbian run:

    sudo vnclicensewiz


    I can't actually see Armbian listed on their supported platforms list, so if it isn't working after the above then it may be because of that!

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  • Bill, RealVNC is working on my Pi 5 after following the steps here: https://help.realvnc.com/hc/en-us/articles/14110635000221-Raspberry-Pi-5-Bookworm-and-RealVNC-Connect#update-pi-os-bookworm-compatibility-0-1

    It runs Wayland by default which RealVNC doesn't work with, but after switching to X11 everything runs OK.

    There is a note about 32-bit OS not working properly, hopefully they fix that soon!

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  • Same problem on a Raspberry Pi 5.

    RealVNC doesn't care this isn't working.  All their technical support staff are interested in is closing problems and marking them solved without doing anything.

    Pathetic.  Will be moving to another solution.

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