Chromium browser laggy on headless setup

My setup: server running on RaspberryPi (headless). Client is Android app. All is good apart from the Chromium web browser which is laggy to the point of being unusable - e.g. half a second or more just to register a key press or click. Other software is instantaneous. Note that this does not happen when a monitor is attached, so it seems that for some strange reason firefox does not play well with the virtual desktop session which vncserver creates.

Another problem is that all windows when maxmised do not occupy the full screen area. Again this problem is only when there is no monitor attached, so again seems to be related to the virtual desktop.

I've looked hard to find a fix. Chances are it's down to misconfiguration, but it's also possible that it's a minor bug, so I'd like to pass this on to developers, in case it's something only they can fix.

Any thoughts?

Also, I guess the developers might want to be aware of this, if they aren't already.




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