Is Audio possible with Lite account?

I have a Lite account, and installed VNC Server on a Windows 11 PC. I am trying to get Audio working between Server and Viewer.

I looked at the Audio FAQ- it says to enable Audio in the server - Options>Users and Permissions>Global Permissions>Enable>Hear Audio from the desktop.

But in Global Permissions, it looks different. I don't see as many settings as the FAQ shows - there is no "Hear Audio from the desktop" option in my case. Looking around, I found Expert>Audio Enable>True.

In the Viewer>Information Icon> it says "VNC Server does not support audio"

Am I missing a way to enable audio or is this not possible with the Lite version?






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    Hi Tim,

    Audio is only available on paid subscriptions.

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  • I have started to think this will not work so will need to change back to Windows Remote Desktop, but VNC can also connect to my Raspberry Pi so was hoping to get this working if it's possible.

    If anyone has any ideas I would appreciate hearing them.

    Thank you.

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  • I don't see Audio on my Lite subscription so I signed up for a trial and that supported it. Looks like it is a paid feature.

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