Mouse Clicks not mapping correctly in VNC Server on POP OS

I am running VNCServer on Pop OS (close to Ubuntu) and can connect in to the system via VNCcloud however I cannot get my mouse click to work. It must be sending something to the remote machine as it's causing windows to open however the right click will not select an app to open etc.  I had a problem licensing the VNC Server on this machine and had to run "sudo /usr/bin/vnclicenswiz" to get this to work as I kept get prompted for the sudo password which I was entering (and it was accepting) however the VNCServer screen would still give me an error that I required Administrator authorization.  I am now having a similar issue when I try to look at the vnsserver options on the machine.  I get the error "Unable to configure options for RealVNC Server" and that "This requires superuser access when running in service mode as the changes will affect all users of the system".



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  • If you enable Relative Pointer Motion by pressing F8 while connected, does that help?

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