VNC Viewer can not reconnect after logging out MacOS Sonoma

I installed MacOS Sonoma 14.0 and have an issue with VNC Viewer on my iPhone 14 Pro with iOS 17.0.2 (same on iPad OS). I can make an initial connection using the VNCViewer - and authenticate with the VNC server just fine. However if I log out if Sonoma, the Viewer presents a black screen and I can't login again (the desktop is no longer displayed on the iPhone).

I can lock the screen and the desktop remains and users are presented as expected but there's something going on with the logout process.There are a bunch of new prompts in System Settings  for Screen Saver & Wallpaper to display in "all spaces" and I have this set to YES thinking that might be the problem but no joy yet.

I updated the server to 7.6.1 as well but this had no effect. I get the same black screen after log out.

Anyone experienced this yet?  



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  • I should say I already have the VNC Agent permissions allowed in Privacy/Security and Screen recording.

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