What's going on at realvnc????

Hi there, 

i'm interested in rport and get in contact with realvnc (over contactpage and after that per mail) on Monday. And until now, there is now  reaction from realvnc. 

So my question is this a regular behave from realvnc or are they having trouble with their infrastructur?

It's quite strange that they don't answer because i will use this with RPort-Plus License for a research institute. And than this ...

Do anyone knows here something??



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  • I'm having the same issue.   I've emailed and tried to contact support.    I'm wondering if there is support.    I went to login to this community and it kept rejecting my password.   I didn't want to reset it, but I was forced to reset to get logged in and set it to the same.   The remote service isn't bad at RealVNC but support seems non-existent.

    Plus I received another "disruption" notice in email.    I just had the same email a week ago.   Maybe they are having disruptions and can't communicate?  I sure hope the connections stay secure.

    I don't know what RPort is, but i'm currently trying to understand what user mode is.   Ideally i'd like to use Remote Desktop in conjunction with RealVNC, if this is possible.

    Good luck with getting your answers.

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