Group Policy Licensing with both 6.x and 7.x in domain

We have been using 6.x VNC Server with an Enterprise license in our domain.

A previous admin set up Group Policy. We have a general policy for most of the systems that use VNC Server, and specific policies for different sub groups.

We now have a need for VNC Server 7.1.0 on a few of our systems.  We are not able to mass update all the servers to 7.1.0 at this time. In addition, most of our systems are not connected to the Internet, so we have added the 25-digit key into our Group Policies.

It appears that the templates for 6.x and 7.x have files with the same name, so copying them to the relevant PolicyDefinitions folder would overwrite the old templates.

I have the offline lincense file, but I am not clear, even if I do copy the new template files, how I apply the 7.x licenses to the groups so that servers running 6.x see the 6.x license, while the servers running 7.1.0 see the new offline license for 7.x.

I have tried looking at the KB ( ), but it seems like it assumes that all servers are running the same version of RealVNC. I have also tried manually setting the license on a single machine, but the new license is ignored.

Do you have any guidance for a staged migration, where some servers are still on 6.x and others are upgraded to 7.x?





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