Monitor selection is unavailable when connecting to VNC Server 7.0.0


This issue has been resolved in VNC Server 7.0.1.

We are aware of an issue with VNC Server 7.0.0 that causes the monitor selection feature to be unavailable to Professional and Enterprise subscription holders who upgrade from VNC Server 6.x to VNC Server 7.x.

Our engineers have identified the issue and a fix is being developed as a priority, to be included in a new version of VNC Server.

In the meantime, to use this feature you will need to downgrade to the previous version of VNC Server (6.11.0). This requires VNC Server 7.0.0 to be uninstalled first which causes configuration to be removed, so if you opt to downgrade you will need to re-apply your desired configuration.

Please contact Support if you need a link to download a previous version of VNC Server.

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