VNC Viewer 7.0.0 crashes on launch if AllowSignIn is disabled


This issue has been resolved in VNC Viewer 7.0.1. Download it here

We are aware of an issue with VNC Viewer 7.0.0 that causes the application to crash when trying to launch it. Our engineers have identified the issue and a fix is being developed as a priority, to be included in a new version of VNC Viewer.

In the meantime, please either downgrade to the previous version of VNC Viewer (6.22.826), or enable the AllowSignIn parameter as shown below.

Please contact Support if you need a link to download a previous version of VNC Viewer.


  1. Using Registry Editor, navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\RealVNC\vncviewer
  2. Locate the AllowSignIn value
  3. Double click it and change the value from 0 to 1
  4. Click OK, then close Registry Editor
  5. Try launching VNC Viewer again


  1. Using a text editor, open the following file: $HOME/.vnc/config.d/vncviewer
  2. Locate the line containing AllowSignIn=0  and change it to AllowSignIn=1
  3. Save and close the file
    1. Alternatively, you can run the below command in a Terminal app:
      sed -i 's/^.*AllowSignIn=.*/AllowSignIn=1/' $HOME/.vnc/config.d/vncviewer
  4. After making the change, try launching VNC Viewer again.
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