On-Demand Assist - the new name for Instant Support


As of 26th January 2023, our Instant Support capability has a new name. It's now known as On-Demand Assist. 

Why has the name changed?

We made the change to better reflect the functionality and to help clear up the confusion amongst some users who (quite understandably) mistook Instant Support for a rapid-response support service from RealVNC. You'll see the new name in RealVNC® Connect 7.x, RealVNC Viewer for Mobile 4.x and RealVNC Server for Mobile 2.x onwards.

How does this affect me?

Other than a change in name, all features and use of On-Demand Assist remain the same. RealVNC Viewer 6.x will continue to display Instant Support to technicians, but end users and portal managers/admins will see On-Demand Assist.

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