Configuring and Licensing VNC Connect using Group Policy


If you have an Enterprise subscription you can deploy, configure and license VNC Connect using Group Policy for Windows computers in your environment.

Configuring VNC Connect 

To get started download the appropriate policy template from the related downloads section at the bottom of the download page. 

Which template files do I need?

The ADMX templates can be found at the bottom of the respective download page for VNC Viewer and VNC Server, or via one of the links below.

VNC Server ADMX templates

VNC Viewer ADMX templates

Where are the template files installed?

Once the policy template files have been downloaded you will need to extract and copy all files from the .zip folder into the relevant policy directory - this may vary depending on your version of Windows. This is usually C:\Windows\PolicyDefinitions or C:\Windowa\SYSVOL\domain\Policies\PolicyDefinitions.

How do I use the templates in Group Policy?

VNC Viewer and VNC Server configuration and licensing is managed using Group Policy Management. The relevant policy template files for customizing VNC Viewer and VNC Server parameters can be found below.

Application Area Policy template file
VNC Server Computer Configuration RealVNC > VNC Server> Service mode
VNC Server Licensing Computer Configuration RealVNC > Licensing
VNC Viewer User Configuration  RealVNC > VNC Viewer

VNC Server:


VNC Viewer:


Please note that parameters will default to Not configured if they are left as the default value. Parameters that are set to False will show as Disabled and parameters that are set to True will show as Enabled.

For more in-depth information on possible configuration changes please see our article on remotely configuring and locking down VNC Connect using policy.

Licensing VNC Server

To license VNC Server using group policy you will need your 25 digit license key from the deployment page of your RealVNC account and the licensing policy template file.  The policy template file should have already been copied into the relevant Windows directory along with the VNC Viewer and VNC Server policy template files mentioned in the deployment section of this article. 


Next, expand the Licensing policy template section. You then need to edit the "License Key Code" and enter your 25-digit license key for VNC Server.


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