How do I invite people in to my team to share remote access?


How do I invite someone?

Actions for you

You do this on the People page of your RealVNC account.

  1. Click People on the left hand menu

  2. Click the Invite people button

  3. Enter the email address of the person you'd like to invite to your Team. Optionally add them to a Group (Professional and Enterprise only), then click Invite.


  4. The invited user will appear as "pending" until they accept their invitation

Actions for the invited person

  1. You will receive an email from RealVNC with your invitation to the Team. Click the Join Team button in the email.

  2. Complete the sign-up form

    Or if you already have an account, sign in

  3. You'll see a confirmation that the invitation has been accepted.


  4. Click "Get VNC Viewer" to download and install VNC Viewer

  5. Click Sign in at the top right, and enter the email address and password for your RealVNC account

  6. Click the Team name on the left, and then double click the computer to connect to

  7. Enter the credentials for the remote computer. These are not the same as your RealVNC Account credentials. If you are unsure what to enter, please see: What username and password do I enter when I'm trying to connect to VNC Server?
  8. You're now connected!

How many users can I invite?

If you have a Home subscription, you can invite two other people in to your team to share remote access, making three in total (including yourself).

If you have a Professional or Enterprise subscription (or a trial), you can invite as many people as you like. Only invite people you trust!

What are Roles used for?

See Can I promote people to help administer my team?


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