"Could not run xauth" error message appears when trying to start VNC Server in Virtual Mode


What causes this?

This means that the xauth program was not found. This is needed to start a VNC® Server desktop, but is often not on root's PATH. You will need to add the appropriate directory to your PATH.

How can I resolve this?

When the software was installed, it will probably have flagged a warning that xauth was not on the PATH and indicated where it was. If it did not, or this information was not recorded, then running the following command as a non-root user may locate the binary:

which xauth

Another cause of this error could be if xauth is unable to resolve the hostname. You can check that your hostname is resolvable by running:

host myservername

This should return an IP address. If this is not the case, you need to set this up by adding the machine's IP address followed by the hostname to the /etc/hosts file (this is normally done automatically if you are using DHCP).

If you are on an office network with a DNS server, you should contact your system administrator.


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