How has licensing changed between VNC 5.X and VNC Connect?


VNC 5.x was licensed using a 25 character key applied directly to VNC Server. This license key provided perpetual direct connectivity, but could still be renewed to retain access to RealVNC’s Technical Support team and receive software updates.

VNC Connect (that is, version 6+) is licensed by subscription.

If you’re a VNC 5.x customer with a valid Personal or Enterprise license key (and therefore entitled to upgrade to VNC Connect), you’ll automatically be granted an Enterprise subscription for the remainder of your original key’s validity. This means that, for each computer currently running VNC Server in:

  • Service Mode, you are entitled to establish cloud connections to that computer. Note upgraders must turn this feature on; cloud is disabled out-of-the-box. This entitlement persists until your new Enterprise subscription expires, at which point you must renew.
  • Service mode, you can establish direct connections for as long as you need. As a valued customer, you can continue to connect direct as you’ve always done.
  • User Mode or Virtual Mode, you can establish direct connections for as long as you need. Cloud connectivity is not available for VNC Server in these modes, so this is the only connectivity option. More on licensing in these modes.

If you’re a VNC 5.x customer with an out-of-date Personal or Enterprise license key and would like to upgrade to VNC Connect, please purchase a new subscription.

If you’re a VNC 5.x customer with a Free license, you can migrate to a Home subscription, or take a trial of a Professional or Enterprise subscription, when you install VNC Connect. Note you won’t be able to do this over a remote control session, so make sure you have desk-side access before running the VNC Connect installer.

If you need more information, there’s a separate FAQ for upgraders here.

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