How do I remove a remote computer from a Team?


Using the RealVNC Connect portal

To remove a remote computer you’ve previously added to your team:

  1. Sign in to your RealVNC account.
  2. Navigate to the Device Access -> Computers section.
  3. Locate the computer and choose Remove from team from the ... menu.

Team members will no longer be able to establish cloud connections to this computer. You can now uninstall RealVNC Server, install it on a different computer, and apply your subscription there instead.

If you have a subscription that includes direct connectivity, people can still establish direct connections to the computer. To prevent this, make sure you uninstall RealVNC Server.

Using the command line

Run the appropriate command (below) on the computer to be removed from the team.


"C:\Program Files\RealVNC\VNC Server\vncserver.exe" -service -leavecloud

Note: the command must be run with Administrator privilege.


sudo /Library/vnc/vncserver -service -leavecloud


sudo vncserver-x11 -service -leavecloud

Using API Access

If you have access to the API Access feature, you can remove computers from your team using a REST API. For more information about API Access feature, please see API Access - API documentation and example scripts

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