VNC Viewer Plus Release Notes


These release notes apply to VNC Viewer Plus on supported platforms.


March 2018
  • FIXED: On the AMT Server tab of the Options dialog box, choosing Connect without requiring consent to override the need to obtain a code from a remote computer user now restores the consent policy setting correctly at the end of a normal session. Note, however, that if the session is interrupted, the setting may not be restored correctly, and the override can persist for subsequent VNC Viewer Plus users. To prevent remote overrides completely, disable this feature in the remote computer’s Intel MEBX (BIOS) settings.


15 March 2017
  • The IP address/hostname of the Intel AMT computer is now displayed in the title bar of the VNC Viewer Plus app window.
  • Certificate handling for encrypted connections to Intel AMT has been improved, making them more likely to succeed.


15 January 2016
  • FIXED: VNC Viewer Plus can now successfully boot to BIOS or to a mounted image on Intel AMT 11.0 computers.


9 December 2014
  • FIXED: A VNC Viewer Plus user authenticating as a particular Intel AMT user now inherits the effective permissions of all the Active Directory groups of which that Intel AMT user is a member.


24 June 2014
  • FIXED: The VNC Viewer Plus window can now be moved to a monitor stacked vertically above your main monitor, as well as to monitors to the left or right.
  • FIXED: A user can now authenticate using the credentials of the Intel ME administrative user if its user name has been changed from the default (“admin”) using the web interface.


29 October 2013
  • FIXED: An Intel AMT user who is a member of an Active Directory group can now authenticate automatically in a Kerberos network environment.


2 August 2013
  • NEW: Support for Intel AMT 9.0.
  • NEW: Connections can now be encrypted using Mutual TLS, which means that both the client and host computer must verify each other’s identity before a connection can be established.
  • NEW: VNC Viewer Plus can now gracefully shut down an operating system (if one is running) when powering off or power cycling an AMT 9 host computer.
  • NEW: VNC Viewer Plus checks for updates when it is first installed.
  • FIXED: Power management operations on host computers connected over Wi-Fi are now more likely to succeed.


7 December 2012
  • VNC Viewer Plus now searches all stores on the client computer for all the certificates in the chain of trust for the Intel AMT certificate, meaning encrypted connections are more likely to succeed.


16 March 2012
  • FIXED: Certain Dell computers with particular BIOS revisions can now be powered on, off, and rebooted.
  • FIXED: VNC parameters are now passed to VNC Viewer Plus correctly when it is started programmatically.


28 June 2011
  • FIXED: Black borders are no longer displayed if the host computer’s desktop is rotated to portrait while both Scale to window size and Preserve aspect ratio are selected on the Display tab of the Options dialog.
  • FIXED: Rebooting to a mounted image an Intel AMT 7.0+ host computer that has been configured by Host-Based Configuration to be in Client Control Mode now succeeds.


11 April 2011
  • NEW: Support for Intel Fast Call for Help.
  • NEW: Automatically switch to an Intel AMT KVM connection if a VNC connection detects the host computer supports Intel AMT.
  • NEW: Intel AMT KVM connections can be established via HTTP and SOCKS 5 proxy servers that require authentication. (Both proxies are required. Note VNC connections do not yet support proxy authentication.)
  • NEW: The host computer’s desktop can be rotated during a connection if it does not match the orientation of your monitor.
  • NEW: Switch between multiple monitors during a connection as well as when you first connect. (Connections to host computers running Intel AMT 6.1 or later only.)
  • NEW: Setting the Scaling parameter to either FixedWindow or F<width>x<height> fixes the size of the VNC Viewer Plus window, even during a restart.
  • NEW: Setting the AmtSessionTimeout parameter to 0 prevents disconnections caused by inactivity. Alternatively, specify a number of minutes up to 255.
  • Enhanced support for international keyboards. (Connections to host computers running Intel AMT 7.0 only.)


3 June 2010
  • NEW: Programmatically start VNC Viewer Plus and connect to a host computer.
  • NEW: Override host computer user consent to connect when host computer user is present to give consent.
  • NEW: Mount floppy disk images, as well as CD/DVD images.
  • NEW: Boot directly to BIOS configuration, to an operating system, or to a mounted image.
  • NEW: Automatically look up a FQDN from an IP address or host name, simplifying connectivity in Kerberos or TLS environments.
  • Key Intel AMT properties can now be enabled if disabled at connection time, improving connectivity.
  • A host computer can now be powered off even if an image is mounted.
  • FIXED: Pressing the Windows (also known as Start or Super) key now has the desired effect.


1 March 2010

First release.

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