Getting Started with Instant Support


Instant support enables you to quickly connect to somebody else’s computer at a moment’s notice, without them having to install remote access software, or leaving a footprint afterwards. More information.

For more detail on any of the topics on this page, read the Technician's Guide (PDF).

For a list of the platforms that Instant Support is available on, please see Supported Platforms for VNC Connect.

Adding instant support to your subscription

You don’t have to take out a new subscription. You can add instant support to your existing subscription by signing in to your RealVNC account, navigating to the Billing page for the appropriate team, and selecting the Add capacity button.

Naming team members as technicians

You don’t have to license any software to use instant support. All you have to do is name members of your team as technicians online, and licensing is handled automatically for those people from then on. To do this, sign in to your RealVNC account, navigate to the People page, and select the Technician checkbox next to the appropriate person’s name:


You can invite more people in to your team on this page to become technicians if you wish.

Starting an instant support session with an end user

A technician should:

  1. Download VNC Viewer.

  2. Sign in using their own RealVNC account credentials (email address and password).

  3. Click the Instant support button:

  4. Tell the end user to navigate to, and download the disposable app.

  5. Communicate the unique session code to the end user (over the phone, via email or SMS; there’s no mechanism in VNC Viewer to do this):

  1. Wait for the end user to enter the session code in this screen:

  2. Wait for the end user to read their privacy warning:

  3. Take control of the end user’s computer when the session automatically begins.

Controlling the end user’s computer

The technician can use their mouse and keyboard to control the remote computer as though sitting in front of it. The end user retains control, and either party can end the session at any time.

There’s a toolbar for the technician to perform useful operations at the top of the VNC Viewer session window:


For more details, and for information on session logs, branding and error messages, read the Technician's Guide (PDF).

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