How do I enable access to a web UI via RPort?


To enable access to a web UI (for example, a managed switch web interface) without needing to change network topology or change existing firewall configurations, create an RPort tunnel to a client on the same local network as the device.

Specify tunnel type of Service Forwarding and select HTTPs as the service.
Enter the IP address of the device running the web interface you want to allow access to.

We recommend checking Enabling HTTP Reverse Proxy to avoid certificate issues (the certificate used for the https connection will be that of the RPort server).

Specify the IP addresses you want to allow access to the web UI in the ACL section.

In the example shown below, access is being granted using RPort client ZEUS to the web UI of a managed switch with the IP address of  Only connections from the network range will be allowed.

Once the tunnel has been created, copy the address and distribute to those who you want to provide access to the device.

This will be in the form https://<rportserver>:<port>

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