Important change to vncserver symbolic link on Linux platforms


From VNC Server 7.1.0 for Linux onwards, the vncserver symbolic link (symlink) will no longer be available by default. To launch Virtual Mode sessions, you will instead need to run the command, vncserver-virtual.

We’re making the change to reduce some confusion caused by the symlink’s current name. At the moment, some customers attempt to start a VNC Server from the command line using the vncserver symlink, and they're met with an unexpected message about Virtual Mode licensing.

So we're making it a bit clearer by replacing the symlink with a small help text script, which we hope will improve the experience for all users going forward.

What you need to do

After upgrading to VNC Server 7.1.0, you need to ensure that any scripts or commands you have that refer to vncserver are updated to use vncserver-virtual

Alternatively, you can manually create a symbolic link for vncserver on your devices to keep the previous functionality by running the below command:

sudo mv /usr/bin/vncserver /usr/bin/vncserver.bak && sudo ln -s /usr/bin/vncserver-virtual /usr/bin/vncserver
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